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About The Scheuermann's Disease Fund



Our Cause/Mission


The Scheuermann’s Disease Fund was created to improve the public's awareness and recognition of this spinal deformity, work towards improving early detection in adolescents, and to work with the medical community to better understand the long-term secondary effects Scheuermann's can cause.


The Scheuermann’s Disease Fund is the first charity of its kind solely dedicated to help those affected by Scheuermann’s Disease and its long-term secondary effects.


Scheuermann's Disease is a spinal (skeletal) disease that typically presents itself in children during adolescence.  It is often noted by an accentuated curvature, or "hunched back" and if left untreated, may lead to significant health complications later in life. Studies suggest that between 2%-8% of the population is affected by this disease.


For the worst sufferers of Scheuermann’s Disease, the effects may include rapid acceleration and early onset of degenerative disc disease, spinal bone spurs, vertebral compression fractures, Schmorl's nodes, a sedentary lifestyle, multiple surgeries to correct spinal deformities, debilitating lower back pain, erosive spinal osteoarthritis, organ failure, lung and heart issues, digestive problems, significant mental stress, and severe depression and anxiety.


Scheuermann’s Disease is believed to be caused by abnormal bone growth in the vertebrae, potentially through an interruption in blood flow. Growth spurts in adolescence are also thought to be a catalyst for the vertebrae to change from a healthy rectangular shape to triangular wedge shapes.




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