Anna - Understanding Our Lives with Scheuermann's Disease

For people suffering with pain due to Scheuermann’s Disease, the most frustrating comment to hear from doctors and specialists is, "Scheuermann's Disease does not cause pain." 

We hear this on a daily basis from General Practitioners, Orthopedic Spinal Surgeons, and Neurosurgeons.  This is due to the fact that the medical community is unable to come to a general consensus on the pain Scheuermann's Disease can cause.  Why?


Scheuermann's Disease lacks the long-term research studies that delve into the primary and secondary effects of this spinal deformity.

Patients with SD may have severe pain from the primary effects of an accentuated curvature of the spine. Treatment may require invasive corrective fusion surgery in the thoracic region to help relieve the pain as well as to limit the long-term secondary effects.  


Patients may also have severe secondary effects from the disease. These are usually a result of the patient not being diagnosed or being diagnosed too late in life for non-invasive treatments to be effective.  These problems can include: lessened mobility, spinal stenosis, spinal cord compression, compression fractures, early onset of degenerative disc disease, cervicogenic migraines, severe chronic pain, facet degeneration, and a number of other painful ailments.
We are fortunate that Anna is opening her life to us and documenting her recovery from a spinal fusion surgery.  She will also discuss the importance of her support system and why it's important before, during, and after surgery.

Anna was diagnosed too late in life for bracing or exercise to be effective at lessening her curvature, therefore fusion surgery was required to relieve her pain and improve her quality of life now, and in the future (This is what we strive to STOP at The Scheuermann's Disease Fund as we work towards early detection throughout the world).

Please, follow Anna as she opens her home and life to us.....

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