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Medicare Guide by State

Scheuermann's Disease continues to fight for early detection prior to puberty, increased recognition and knowledge of the general public about this terrible spinal disease, as well as a better understanding of the long term ancillary effects from Scheuermann's as we age by the medical community. 

In the United States, Medicare is the primary form of medical insurance coverage for those who are disabled as well as seniors (qualification varies depending upon the year you were born). 

Understanding your healthcare rights, the benefits available while navigating the complex Medicare system is so important in order to secure the quality care you deserve. 



Fortunately, there is an organization that is available to help educate us and ensure that we have access to affordable health care through the Medicare system. This organization is MEDICARE PLANS PATIENT RESOURCE CENTER and they provide everything you need to know about this year's Medicare and what options are best for you. Here is the link to their website:

We encourage you to click the link, browse the website, and contact to answer any questions you may have about this governmental healthcare system and its associated healthcare and pharmaceutical plans. There are telephone numbers BY THE STATE IN WHICH YOU LIVE so the information is detailed based upon your state laws


Here is the link to the US Government website for information on your Medicare qualifications:


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