Nutritional Guides-Heal with Mike!

We have been working with a licensed Integrated Nutritionist to help with some basic guidelines on nutritional ideas that may help us become more healthy. 

Here is a little bit about Mike Fiddle:

"I am 28 years old and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I was going to PT school after completing pre med courses at NYU. Severe pain prevented me from taking that road so I deferred my acceptance a year to continue to work on myself and study my body.


I worked at a PT practice that won National Practice of the Year then was diagnosed with Scheuermann's disease. This explained all the years of pain and discomfort. Sadly, it was then obvious I was headed towards fusion surgery and had to give up the career dreams of becoming a PT.


That’s when I switched and completed courses w the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I knew eating healthy was paramount to dealing with a rare and painful disease. In that coursework I also learned how important meditation practices and mindfulness can be in dealing with pain.


I enjoy working with clients 1:1 as a certified health coach, but I am also knowledgeable about handling Scheuermann's. This is the community on which I can have a very positive impact."


Mike will aid our community by helping us with some of our nutritional needs, pre and post operative, and creating a 30 day pre surgery meal plan with grocery shopping lists. 

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