Nutritional Guides-Heal with Mike!


We have been working with a certified Health Coach, licensed through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition to help develop some basic guidelines on nutrition that aim to help the Scheuermann's Disease community be their healthiest. 

Here is a little bit about Mike Fiddle:

"I am 28 years old and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I was going to school to become a Physical Therapist, after completing pre-med courses at New York University. Severe pain initially prevented me from taking that road so I deferred my acceptance a year to continue to work on myself and study my body.


While working and studying at a PT practice that won National Practice of the Year, I was then diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease. This explained all the years of unrelenting pain and discomfort. Sadly, it was then obvious I was headed towards a large fusion surgery and a career as a PT was not suitable to my body.


That’s when I switched and completed courses with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I knew eating healthy was paramount to dealing with a rare and painful disease. In that coursework I also learned how important meditation practices and mindfulness can be in dealing with pain. 


I enjoy working with clients 1:1 as a certified health coach, but I am so knowledgeable about handling Scheuermann's Disease and going through the surgery. I am coaching people to prepare for the corrective fusion, as well as helping those non operative and post operative make lifestyle changes to be their healthiest. I know this is the community on which I can have a very positive impact."


Mike will aid our community by helping us with some of our nutritional needs, pre and post operative, and creating a 30 day pre surgery meal plan with grocery shopping lists. 

Post Surgical PT: Spinal Fusion/Scheuermanns Disease

This video and the exercises that are performed are for demonstration purposes only!

Prescribed physical therapy plan following spinal fusion as a result of Scheuermann's disease

The video involves exercises developed for Mike by a trained and licensed physical therapist. These were done immediately following Mike's spinal fusion surgery and performed for the first 8 weeks. The exercises get progressively harder in each section (Abs, Shoulders, and Hips), as you will see. 

Disclaimer: This video is based on Mike's experience, research, and knowledge of physical therapy and recovering from fusion surgery.

Every person is different, heals differently, and needs a plan developed for them by a skilled professional. This exercise plan was prescribed for Mike by a trained and certified physical therapist. Please make sure you are evaluated by a medical professional and contact your treating physician before performing any of these exercises.