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The Wonders of Science and Genius


Below are shown before and after photos of x-rays from a patient with a severe case of Scheuermann's Disease (photo on left).     Notice the significant kyphosis, the wedge shaped vertebrae, and the rounded shoulders of the patient.  Following the spine down to the lower thoracic and lumbar region you can see the lordosis of the lower back.


The patient required fusion surgery to correct the kyphosis, and you can see the obvious correction and success of the surgery in the photo on the right.  Years ago this patient would have suffered terribly with pain and possible loss of mobility, but now with the advent of medical research and the genius of medical surgeons (Orthopedic Spinal Surgeons, Neurosurgeons), these patients can now seek help for relief from these ailments.  Notice the corrrection in degree of curvature in the thoracic region with the introduction of screws and rods to straighten the spine.  


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