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Through various forms of media we aim to improve the public's knowledge of Scheuermann's Disease while also  educating the medical community to improve methods of early detection.



We have been hard at work developing ways to get Scheuermann's Disease into the public mainstream and better known in the medical community.


It seems practical that many people wouldn't be knowledgeable about Scheuermann's Disease unless it directly impacted their lives or that of a loved one.


However, it continues to be a concern when all levels of the medical community, from nurses to physician assistants to physicians themselves, are not familar with the name let alone the symptoms to diagnose the disease. 


This is not the case with similar spinal disorders where diagnosis protocols are developed during a person's youth for most medical specialists (i.e. school nurses, physician assistants, general practitioners).

That is where The Scheuermann's Disease Fund strives to be.  Reaching the general public to not only educate about this often terrible and painful spinal disease, but also to aid in its early detection to prevent the devastating long-term ancillary effects often seen in undiagnosed cases.


So please review the pamphlets and brochures that we have developed. 


Contact us if you would like to receive a bundle to give to your medical specialist for their waiting room, or if you need them for a Scheuermann's Disease Fundraiser, or if you have somebody that you feel would benefit from reading the material.  


We would also be more than happy to provide you with links to, or copies of, articles from various media outlets touting the charity or Scheuermann's Disease.


Getting the word out the is the best way to educate!!




Tri-Fold Brochure/Pamphlet


This pamphlet is designed to help educate parents, teachers, doctors, or anyone in a person's support group.
It is extremely helpful in identifying the symptoms of Scheuermann's Disease and has proven to be very popular.
The Tri-fold pamphlet can be ordered by contacting us.

Rack Card


This rack card is a piece explaining not only the basics of Scheuermann's Disease, but also the beginnings of our charity, The Scheuermann's Disease Fund. 
This has been very helpful in similar situations as the pamphlet above when used in conferences and for individual discussions with a person's support group.  The Rack Card can be ordered by contacting us any time, free of charge, of course!!!

The Almanac, Washington (PA) Observer Reporter Article from September 8th, 2014

The Pittsburgh Foundation's Annual Report to the Community for 2014/2015.

The Scheuermann's Disease Fund was listed as one of the "Difference Makers" for 2015 and beyond.  

You can read the full article at:


This article was published in a series of magazine periodicals throughout the suburbs of Pittsburgh in the winter of 2015-2016

PainPathways Magazine - Winter 2016

This Advocacy Ad was placed in the only magazine dedicated to chronic pain patients, with 7.2 million readers.  


Your Community Calendar Town Planner 2016

We were selected as the charity to be located on the back cover of the calendar that is seen throughout the year by people living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.

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