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Events and Fundraisers for

The Scheuermann's Disease Fund

The Scheuermann's Disease Fund holds an annual event that is the main source of funding to finance the causes of our charity.  It is a wonderful event, scheduled in the fall, attended by so many wonderful people.


The volunteers, who take precious time out of their busy lives, are the people who make the fundraiser so successful.

We cannot thank our SPONSORS and DONORS enough!! You continually support our fundraisers and help thousands of people locally, and around the world, and never think twice about giving to our causes. If you get a chance, please support them with your time and dollars. 

The Scheuermann's Disease Fund works to improve the public's awareness and recognition of this spinal deformity, to improve early detection in adolescents, and to aid the medical community in better understanding the long-term secondary effects Scheuermann's can cause. 


We are the the only charity in the world solely dedicated to help those affected by this spinal deformity.

It is truly amazing how Pittsburgh is a town of "neighbors helping neighbors", and how a small network of internationally dedicated people work to improve the lives of people affected by this disease. 

We are truly blessed.

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