Events and Fundraisers for

The Scheuermann's Disease Fund

Typically, we hold one fundraiser per year to finance the causes of our charity.  It is a wonderful event in the fall.


It's success is due to the dedication of some of the best people in the world, who take time out of their busy lives and volunteer for this event.

Thanks to all our SPONSORS and DONORS who continually support our fundraisers to help with our causes.  If you get a chance, check out the photos and Sponsor information on each fundraiser page on our website.

On of our most important causes currently is to find a funding source for the first two comprehensive long-term Research Studies ever to be done on Scheuermann's Disease. The Protocols and Budgets for the studies have been completed, in partnership with the charity, Setting Scoliosis Straight, and are now in the fund sourcing stage.  Interested parties please contact Doug Strott at 724-436-1271, or 

We also work tirelessly towards early detection, improving the public's knowledge of this spinal deformity, and helping develop an international Doctor Database of specialists who help those severely affected by Scheuermann's Disease.

It is truly amazing how Pittsburgh is a town of neighbors helping neighbors and how the local press and business leaders support the Annual Scheuermann's Disease Fundraisers.

We are truly blessed.

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