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As with the Specialists in the "Doctor Database", we have received requests for Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists who may be able to  treat mild, moderate and severe cases of Scheuermann's Disease, specially when surgery is refused or denied.

In addition, new research studies are finding that specific techniques of non-invasive treatments, such as Schroth Therapy, may be effective with children, adolescents, and also adults.  A potentially huge breakthrough in treatment options (

The listed Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists have specific training from the Schroth-Barcelona Institute and the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) that teaches the Schroth Method and have received a designation of C1 or C2.


SD can potentially carry significant, and very serious, spinal ailments into middle age, and beyond.  Some of these spinal deformities include spinal cord compression, osteophytes (bone spurs), stenosis, osteo-arthritis and degenerative disc disease.  It can strike people at their peak earning periods and at times when there are others at home who depend upon them the most.


Since we, as The Scheuermann’s Disease Fund, have a consistent message that we do not make medical recommendations nor give medical advice, these Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists are only to be used as an OPTION when searching for treatment options and are not recommended by anyone at The Scheuermann's Disease Fund.  None of this should be construed as any type of medical advice.  


By the Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists appearing in this database, it does not necessarily indicate that they are better providers than others in the same field.  As always, we encourage you to go into your first appointment well prepared, with your medical history and specific questions ready for the therapist.  These questions for the therapists may include their experience with SD and their training and experience in their field.  


We, as The Scheuermann's Disease Fund, are offering this list to help you in your search for a treating Physiotherapists/Physical Therapist who is familiar with treating the primary and secondary effects caused by SD.  The final decision on a Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist and treatment is yours, and yours alone.  TSDF cannot take any responsibility for the actions, omissions or performance of these therapists in the handling of your case.  The treatment and management of your case is your responsibility so please take care when selecting your treating Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist.

U.S and International List




Schroth-Barcelona Institute and

the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS)

BSPTS Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists
This is a list of Schroth certified Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists in the US and internationally for scoliosis and spinal deformity treatment:




Ottawa, ON


Andrea Lebel, C1-C2 BSPTS Instructor

(613) 233-1235

Certified Schroth Therapists

United States

Lauren Azzarello
Senior Physical Therapist
Certified Primary Spine Practitioner
Certified Schroth Therapist

Pittsburgh, PA
CRS South Hills
Office: (412) 851-8850
Cell: (412) 298-9949


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